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PostNapisane: 24 paź 2018, 14:31
przez JUAN C.
Companion maverick, this that we do (I already not) and that so much we like does not stop being a hobby and I personally always have taken it this way, like a hobby.

None we are born knowing and predestined already to be the number one of something that each one we do with many patience and very much sweetie, this never stops being a continuous learning and therefore we all have our successes and our mistakes, absolutely all.
I for example have never used pigments in my many years of model maker and as painting figures I am an authentic disaster, am very bad, I recognize it and it does not give me shame to say it, but using other techniques I think that I have managed to construct very good models and with "medium decent" figures.

Since I was in the first forum always I thought that we qualify the works of other companions with something of " professional deformation " ... that is like like I I call it and for I hope that nobody bothers for it.
My major satisfaction in this hobby is when someone who has not even idea of our hobby enters my crammed room of the scale models and puts the eyes as plates and asks very amazed that as is possible that you have been able to build only with my hands so nice things.
This it is my major satisfaction, these persons do not see it with the same eyes that we it see, they are not " professionals of the hobby ".

Companion: enjoys of your hobby. ;) :git:


PostNapisane: 24 paź 2018, 21:50
przez maverick
Thank you for the nice word, Juan. We see each other in the next gallery ...